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Fresh Beer Available Now

Raspberry Quintupel

13.9% ABV | 20 IBU


Worthy of its name - Raspberry Quintupel boasts the highest ABV possible for an ale but showcases rich and smooth esters of raspberry and is complemented by a surprisingly light and balanced malt body. At close to 14% ABV this ale still boasts alcohol malt sweetness that cuts through the silky mouthfeel and finishes with berry, fruit and caramel. Great for any occasion and our submission to Fruit Beer Fest for 2018.

Only available in 1/6 bbls

Kegged on: 06/05

22 keg(s) available

Green Skies IPA

6.3 ABV | 78 IBU

Hazy IPA

Our Innovation Brewer Parker Penley wanted to brew a Hazy IPA that also packed the same hoppy and citrus pine punch of our favorite modern IPAs. Green Skies IPA is a sticky, hoppy hazy masterpiece. Kegs go fast so snag yours now.

Quantities are very limited so no samples are available at this time.

2 keg(s) available

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Czech Mex Lager

5.0% ABV | 20 IBU

Czech Mexican Style Lager

Homebrewers of the Oregon Brew Crew and Collaborator program - our latest offering: Czech Mex - a Mexican Czech Lager - bright effervescent and clean. A portion of proceeds for every barrel of Collaborator Beer is donated to the Bob McCracken Memorial Scholarship fund for brewers at the OSU Fermentation Sciences program. 

Kegged on: 06/26

Ready on: 07/02

11 keg(s) available

Why Does Everyone Shit on Cascade?

6.0% ABV | 70 IBU


In collaboration with Gigantic Brewing Company. Cascade hops have always been the standard for craft beers but have recently fallen out of style. These spicy, earthy and aromatic hops help create the backbone of the craft beer industry. Lets enjoy them in thier best light. Why does everyone always shit on cascade hops?

Tasting Notes: Hoppy, Hoppy, Hoppy

Kegged on: 06/11

Ready on: 06/18

10 keg(s) available

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Nitro India Orange Ale

6% ABV | 60 IBU

India Orange Ale

This India Orange Ale includes orange & citrus nuanced hops including Summit, 431, Citra and El Dorado Hop Hash. Orange Peel in the whirlpool and transfered onto orange zest and vanilla beans, then carbonated to nitro specs! This beer was inspired by that nostalgic Creamsicle treat.  Hoppy, fruity, creamy and smooth.   

Tasting Notes: Nitro, Orange, Citrus, Hoppy

Kegged on: 05/14

8 keg(s) available

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F.H. Steinbock

6.5% ABV | 40 IBU


100th Anniversary beer with F.H. Stienbarts - to honor a staple of the homebrewing world, we brewed a traditional Bavarian yeast Bock. A perfect beer for every homebrewer - come cheers to a Portland institution.  

Tasting Notes: Malty, Toasty, Caramel

Kegged on: 05/02

9 keg(s) available

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Upcoming Beers

Piña colada Creme Ale -   new this week  

5.5% ABV | 20 IBU

Cream Ale with Pineapple and Coconut

Pineapple and Coconut pump up this easy drinking Cream Ale – the best way to escape. This smooth but light cream ale is perfect for these hot days of summer with the island flavors that everyone loves. This cream ale sure beats getting caught in the rain.  

Kegged on: 07/16

Ready on: 07/23

10 keg(s) available

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Secret Stash Pale Ale -   new this week  

6.0% ABV | 60 IBU

Dank Pale Ale

This dank pale ale showcases a primo mix of Hop Hash, Nugget Hops and Hemp seeds. A dank aroma from nugget hops and sticky hop hash fades into a burst of fruit esters of apricot, citrus and stone fruit and a smooth malt body. Hemp seeds add malt complexity without weighing down this beer and hop hash pumps up a sticky resin to the back bitterness on the finish.

Kegged on: 07/16

Ready on: 07/23

10 keg(s) available

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