The Widmer Brothers Pub

The Widmer Brothers Pub has been serving guests in North Portland since 1996. With the main brewery across the street and our 10-barrel innovation system next door, the pub is where we showcase our love for crafting delicious beer. Over half of our 27 taps feature small batch brews from the adjacent innovation brewery, so there’s always something new to try. Perch at the bar with a flight or grab a growler or Crowler of your favorite beer to go.

Hours Of Operation


955 N Russell St.
Portland, OR 97227

Tap List


4.9% ABV | 30.0 IBU


* 2017 GOLD MEDAL WINNER - Oregon Beer Awards! *
Meet the beer that started it all. Our naturally cloudy flagship brew starts with the highest quality wheat. It's bold, clean flavor and pronounced citrus and floral aromas are what define American-style Hefeweizen. So pour yourself a cool, cloudy glass, finish with a lemon and enjoy the original.

Rose Apple Cider

6.2% ABV | 0.0 IBU

Cider - Other

Alt Bier

5.0% ABV | 40.0 IBU


The first beer ever brewed by Widmer Brothers. Alt beer is a traditional German ale. Alt is an assertively bitter beer with a clean, dry roasted finish and a deep amber hue. The potent hop bitterness is balanced by the flavor of the Munich and Caramel specialty malts.

Small Hands Make Big Walls - Mexican Lager

4.8% ABV | 19.0 IBU

Lager - Vienna

Unlike its European counterpart, Mexican Vienna Lagers are slightly darker and less malty due to the use of adjuncts typically in the form of corn. Aromas of caramel and grahm cracker from the malts are dominate, followed by an intermingle of slight floral notes from the Tetnanger noble hops. One might even say that it’s off the wall…

Green & Gold Kölsch

5.2% ABV | 35.0 IBU


We are RCTID. Each year the Timbers Army and the 107ist host a homebrew competition, bringing out the best in what makes the Rose City Great: craft beer, creativity, and a passion for the Green & Gold. Timbers Army homebrewer Abram Goldman-Armstrong's recipe was chosen and brewed by Widmer Brothers for you to enjoy as you cheer on your Timbers. Green & Gold Kolsch is a golden straw-colored beer with aromas of strawberry and cracked black pepper, a soft sweet bready malt flavor, a creamy body, and a crisp dry finish. Prost!


6.0% ABV | 0.0 IBU

IPA - Red

Deadlift Imperial IPA

8.6% ABV | 70.0 IBU

IPA - Imperial / Double

Deadlift boasts the strong hop flavor of an imperial IPA without the weigh down. Citrusy and berry-like Nelson Sauvin hops meld with just enough malty sweetness and caramel character to balance the intense hop flavor and aroma.

Black Dynamite

8.8% ABV | 50.0 IBU

Porter - Other

Porter with cocoa nibs and peppercorns

Silver Warrior

6.2% ABV | 54.0 IBU

Pale Ale - American

A hoppy pale ale brewed with Sterling and Warrior hops that are Salmon Safe, meaning the hop farm that grew them are certified in helping the conservation of our Oregon urban and agricultural watersheds. The malt too is considered Salmon Safe. This beer is a clean pale that has nuances of fruit and citrus from the Warrior hops coupled with a slight floral note from the Sterling hops. Slightly dry, most of the sugars have been fermented out making this beer dangerously drinkable given it’s ABV. Cheers!

Warpin' Dorphin'

7.5% ABV | 85.0 IBU

IPA - American

This collaboration with our brewing brothers from Appalachian Mountain Brewery is an IPA with light malt profile, highlighted with the complexity of Galaxy, Mosaic, Simcoe and Azacca. Massive hops at the end of boil try to pull the flavor profile away from the traditional lingering bitterness and move towards a IPA… that’s not an IPA. It’s tropical! It’s piney! It’s grassy! It’s citrusy – but, it’s not your usual IPA!

Seed the Change

7.1% ABV | 60.0 IBU

IPA - Hemp

IPA brewed with hemp seeds

Broken Halo IPA

6.0% ABV | 0.0 IBU

IPA - American

Broken Halo IPA is a beer produced in the spirit of traditional IPA products shipped from the UK to India in the late 1800s. The almost excessive amounts of Cascade and Columbus hops used in Broken Halo give it notable citrus and grapefruit aromas and flavors. The beer bitterness measures high but tastes smooth due to the full-bodied, Caramel malt sweetness.

Snake In The Rye

7.0% ABV | 65.0 IBU

IPA - Rye

Batch 69

4.0% ABV | 15.0 IBU

Sour - Gose

Gose with Sea Salt and Coriander

Fresno Wit

4.5% ABV | 20.0 IBU


Fresno Style Wit is a classic take on the Belgian Wit Style brewed with a traditional yeast, Forbidden Fruit. The fruity nuance is usually accentuated by coriander and orange peel added to the whirlpool. This version used navel and Valencia oranges that Tom Bleigh picked from a friends’ magical (albeit small) orchard in the middle of downtown Fresno. The ornages were picked at the peak of season and then complimented with chamomile flowers instead of coriander. The resulting wit is spicy, floral, with rich citrus character. The beer says Fres-yes, not Fresno!


5.0% ABV | 51.0 IBU

Pilsner - German

Dreifecta pilsner is a showcase of the herbal and spicy flavors of three hops with separate noble lineages. A crisp yet light body gives forth to pleasantly balanced bitterness, with the aromas of the three-part dry hop addition providing an extra nuance of flavor to a hop forward yet drinkable pilsner, hence the name Dreifecta.

Thing #6

5.5% ABV | 60.0 IBU

IPA - New England

Thing 6 is the latest in our exploration of Hazy IPA styles, this time with an interplay between a different ale yeast and three hops with noticeably fruity flavors. The London Ale 1 yeast adds fruity esters as well as a noticeable minerality in the finish, while the blend of three hops cuts though the yeast and protein haze to deliver a harmonious blend of fruit flavors.

RaspBEERy Lemonade

5.5% ABV | 20.0 IBU

Pale Wheat Ale - American

A collaborator beer brewed with OBC member, Sean Sanders, RaspBEERy Lemonade is an American wheat beer best enjoyed on a hot summer day. Fresh raspberry puree and frozen lemonade concentrate pitched mid fermentation create a fun color and flavor profile that will charm your senses and leave onlookers curious. Enjoy!

Why Does Everyone Always Sh*t On Cascade?

5.5% ABV | 70.0 IBU

IPA - American

In collaboration with Gigantic Brewing. Cascade hops have always been the standard for craft beers but have recently fallen out of style. These spicy, earthy and aromatic hops help create the backbone of the craft beer industry. Lets enjoy them in thier best light. Why does everyone always sh*t on cascade hops?”

Hibiscus Gose

3.9% ABV | 5.0 IBU

Sour - Gose

Full 90 Collabo

Hefe X (Mosaic Hops)

4.9% ABV | 45.0 IBU


Hefeweizen is an unfiltered American style Hefeweizen (wheat and yeast ale) that is purposefully very cloudy in appearance due to live yeast in suspension. Wheat and biscuit aromas and flavors provide the backbone to the golden beer, and they are augmented by yeast and hop derived citrus and faintly spicy attributes. The Hefe X series is a FV (Dip) hopped version focusing on a single hop varietal to highlight the inclusion of specific and unique hops.

Raspberry Quintuple

15.3% ABV | 40.0 IBU

Belgian Strong Dark Ale

This beer had one of the highest original gravities brewed on our system. Along with a high gravity it also fermented down substantially to leave a wonderful dryness. This dark and hugely strong Belgian beer was made for the Cheers to Belgian Beers Festival. It was brewed with brown sugar, dark Belgian candi sugar, a whole lot of grain and the precious yeast known for being used in the Trappist beer Orval. Near the end of fermentation, a large amount of raspberries were added to the fermenter. Clocking in at 15.3% ABV, this is one you can sit, sip and enjoy. It would also be a lovely compliment to many kinds of cheeses. Just remember: Enjoy responsibly as this one can sneak up on you.

Russell Street IPA

6.3% ABV | 70.0 IBU

IPA - American

Russell Street IPA is the epitome of a West Coast IPA: intense hop flavor and sessionability balanced with a noticeable body. Named for the street that Widmer Brothers calls home, Russell Street IPA is powered by Mosaic, Citra, and Azacca hops for a pronounced citrus and tropical profile.

Secret Stash

6.2% ABV | 60.0 IBU

IPA - American

With hop hash and hemp seeds

Le Petit Brasseur

5.2% ABV | 20.0 IBU

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Le Petite Brasseur is a petite saison that is light, effervescent, citrusy and refreshing. What’s more, we bottled it in 500ml reusable bottles, which are the first of their kind in Oregon! This in turn lowers the carbon footprint of the packaging while providing awesome beer to the masses. Each bottle was hand filled and bottle conditioned. We partnered up with Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative and are excited to release this beer. Fruity esters produced by the citrus yeast compliment the dry and refreshing finish. Get it while you can!

Kill Devil (2013)

9.5% ABV | 30.0 IBU

Brown Ale - Imperial / Double

10th release in the Brothers Reserve series. This new limited edition beer is 905 Ale brewed with palm sugar and molasses and aged in rum barrels blended with 10% Ale (with Calypso hops).

Piña Alota

10.5% ABV | 17.0 IBU

Barleywine - American

Catering & Banquets

Housed on the second floor of our historic building, the Widmer Brothers banquet facility offers the best of the Northwest. Views of the Fremont Bridge, Downtown, and the West Hills of Portland complement the rooms’ rich colors and crafted woodwork, much of which has been restored to its original beauty.

Whether you are planning a corporate meeting or event, rehearsal dinner, birthday gathering, holiday party, or other special occasion, our Ballrooms, Hefe Hall and Altbier Annex are sure to exceed your expectations.

Our unique menu, which complements our award winning beers, includes appetizer selections, buffet platters, and plated options.

Provide a memorable experience for your guests by hosting a Personalized Brewer's Dinner or include a private tour of our state of the art brewing facility.


Hefe Hall

Size: 661 sq. feet
Buffet or Plated Banquet: 30 guests
Reception: 45 guests

Altbier Annex

Size: 748 sq. feet
Buffet or Plated Banquet: 40 guests
Reception: 55 guests

The Brothers Ballroom

Size: 1409 sq. feet
Buffet or Plated Banquet: 80 guests
Reception: 100 guests

Beer Garden

Size: 2000 sq. feet
Buffet or Plated Banquet: 60 guests
Reception: 100 guests

The Widmer Brothers Beer Garden

Enjoy sun, shade and some of Widmer Brothers’ finest small batch beers from our new 12 tap beer trailer. These small batch beers are brewed across the street at our innovation brewery, stay all day with an eclectic mix of Portland rotating food carts, outdoor games, and live music on special occasions. 

For updates about live music and rotating food carts, follow Widmer Brothers on Twitter or Facebook



(Weather Permitting)

955 N Russell St.
Portland, OR 97227

*Pet- and Kid-Friendly

Pub Snacks and Daily Specials

Tortilla chips with salsa - $4

Hummus with tortilla chips - $5

Garlic dill cheese curds - $5

Castelverano olives - $6

Adult Lunchable - Pain au lait mini sandwich w/veggies and hummus - $8 

Two Pain au lait mini sandwiches w/pickle spear - $8 

World Foods Gourmet Snack Pack - $7 

Charcuterie and cheese tray - $10 

Sweet Tooth Tray - $9

Daily Specials

Service Industry Sunday
  • $3 pints when you show your valid OLCC Service Permit
Micro Monday
  • Get any IPA pint for $3
Brewsday Tuesday Crowler Deals
  • Core and Small Batch crowler fills for $8
Happy Hour Humpday
  • Happy Hour pricing all day long
Thirsty Thursday
  • Get $3 pints all day long
Friday $6 6-pack
  • Get any 6 pack to go for $6
  • Plus, A special firkin tapping the first Friday of every month!
Sampler Tray Saturday
  • Pre-set sampler trays for $10, or build your own tray for $12