The Widmer Brothers Pub

The Widmer Brothers Pub has been serving guests in North Portland since 1996. With the main brewery across the street and our 10-barrel innovation system next door, the pub is where we showcase our love for crafting delicious beer. Over half of our 24 taps feature small batch brews from the adjacent innovation brewery, so there’s always something new to try. Perch at the bar with a flight or grab a growler or Crowler of your favorite beer to go.

Hours Of Operation


955 N Russell St.
Portland, OR 97227

Tap List

Alt Bier

5.0% ABV | 40.0 IBU


The first beer ever brewed by Widmer Brothers. Alt beer is a traditional German ale. Alt is an assertively bitter beer with a clean, dry roasted finish and a deep amber hue. The potent hop bitterness is balanced by the flavor of the Munich and Caramel specialty malts.

Rose Apple Cider

6.2% ABV | 0.0 IBU



4.9% ABV | 30.0 IBU


* 2017 GOLD MEDAL WINNER - Oregon Beer Awards! *
Meet the beer that started it all. Our naturally cloudy flagship brew starts with the highest quality wheat. It's bold, clean flavor and pronounced citrus and floral aromas are what define American-style Hefeweizen. So pour yourself a cool, cloudy glass, finish with a lemon and enjoy the original.

Pora Pora

8.2% ABV | 40.0 IBU

Stout - Other

A full body beer that has an aroma and flavors of rum, chocolate, licorice and dark fruit. This style was originally brewed in warmer climates where hops were a precious commodity so the malt and added sugars are what make this beer what it is. This beer is similar to an Imperial Stout, but it doesn’t have the bitterness and aroma hops you would expect in that style. Refreshing enough to drink in either the winter or the summer!


7.8% ABV | 65.0 IBU

IPA - New England

The Learning Curve series is collaboration between Widmer Brothers Brewing and Brewbound’s Start Up Challenge winners. The fifth in the series is a hazy IPA made in collaboration with Armada Brewing from East Haven, Connecticut. Learning Curve alludes to the path we as brewers take as we make our way through the brewing cosmos. No stranger to hazy NE IPA’s, Armada sought to explore making an IPA on the Westcoast with a handful of experimental and Southern hemisphere hops. We hope you enjoy the result. Prost! To the Learning Curve.

8th Plague

8.2% ABV | 40.0 IBU

Stout - Imperial / Double

A full body beer that has an aroma and flavors of coffee, chocolate, licorice, dark fruit partnered with earthy grasshopper, cricket, mint and cacao. This beer is a unique take on Grasshopper Pie using real insects as a sustainable protein source for this beer and made with a slight nod of appreciation to the Oaxaca tradition of chapulines! Two versions were made:
1. Ecuadorean cacao and grasshopper/cricket with mint tea added
2. Guatemalan cacao and grasshopper/cricket with mint tea added
Humble yourself and try some locusts! Prost!

Rada Strata 2.0

7.2% ABV | 85.0 IBU

IPA - American

Brewed with huge amounts of danky Strata hops, this is truly a hop-lover's perfect pint!

Brotha from Anotha Motha

5.8% ABV | 16.0 IBU


Brotha from Anotha Motha is an old world interpretation of our flagship Hefeweizen. The pilsner and wheat malt backbone provides a clean, subtle maltiness which is rounded out by the addition of munich malt. Unique flavors of clove and banana from the Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast provide unparalleled complexity for such a simple base. The yeast left in suspension provides a luxurious mouthfeel which lends body to an otherwise dry beer.

Noble Fog

8.0% ABV | 70.0 IBU

IPA - American

A big, dank West Coast IPA that toes the line of an Imperial, but drinks smooth and balanced. Slight tropical notes help balance out the dank pine and grassy hop character. The body of the beer holds up to the aggressive hoppiness without coating the palate too heavily.

Understated New Wave

5.2% ABV | 36.0 IBU

IPA - Session / India Session Ale

Understated New Wave is a delicious, approachable Mosaic ale that is quaffable, but doesn’t compromise on flavor. There is just enough malt to support the fresh Mosaic hop flavors. Nuances of stone and tropical fruit can be found in the clean finish, making you want to take another sip.

Minor White Industrial Lager

5.3% ABV | 35.0 IBU

Lager - North American Adjunct

Made for the “Pitchering Oregon” art project curated by the Portland Art Museum in partnership with Eric Steen. We used ingredients and made a beer that would have been similar to the beer Minor White himself may have been drinking with one minor exception, we added a small portion of white wheat as a nod to White’s last name. We hope you’re inspired by this beer as much as the art!

This And That

8.2% ABV | 70.0 IBU

Winter Warmer

This winter warmer is comprised of many different malts we had on our shelf. We also used some classic “C” hop varieties including Chinook and Cascade. The malt and hop varieties, along with brown sugar are combined to create a throw-back Winter Warmer, paying homage to the beers brewed in this bold style. Willamete and Simcoe hops were added to the fermenter to create a bright and floral nose, complimenting the warming and full bodied structure of the beer. This is one to enjoy and keep you warm as the skies turn grey, the nights come early and the air turns frigid. A liquid blanket of sorts…

Barrel-Aged Quadrophonic

10.5% ABV | 18.0 IBU

Belgian Quad

We brewed a huge Belgian-style Quad beer, and will be presenting it three different ways in the upcoming weeks. We've done the original Quad, a
Barrel-Aged version, and also a 50/50 blend of the original and Barrel-Aged. Ask your server which version we have on today!

Green Skies

7.0% ABV | 78.0 IBU

IPA - American

**Parker's Ultimate**Green Skies is a hoppy American IPA showcasing hops that are bright and fruity, including Idaho 7, Bru-1, Citra and Summit. A small amount of Columbus hops are also used to round out the pallet and put a little bass to the treble of the higher noted hops. The hop profile is countered by a malt bill that is light but malty enough to stand up to the massive amounts of green deliciousness added throughout the brewing process.

Shaddock's First Mate

6.2% ABV | 52.0 IBU

IPA - American

Grapefruit, lemon, orange, lime, tangerine, and other citrus based terms are often used to describe the flavors and aromas of hoppy beers like IPAs. Beyond the terminology, certain kinds of orange peels are common and critical ingredients in particular styles of beers, while other styles benefit from a slice of lemon hanging off the edge of the pint glass or a lime wedge stuffed into the bottle neck. In our case, we twisted the lime, orange, and lemon concept and instead used grapefruit peels to make an IPA. The end result is what you’d expect from an IPA but with noticeable hints of ruby grapefruit in the aroma and flavor of the beer. These attributes are accentuated by Citra, a trendy new hop with distinct citrus characteristics. Th

Hefe X (Nelson Sauvin Hops)

4.9% ABV | 50.0 IBU


Hefeweizen is an unfiltered American style Hefeweizen (wheat and yeast ale) that is purposefully very cloudy in appearance due to live yeast in suspension. Wheat and biscuit aromas and flavors provide the backbone to the golden beer, and they are augmented by yeast and hop derived citrus and faintly spicy attributes. The Hefe X series is a FV (Dip) hopped version focusing on a single hop varietal to highlight the inclusion of specific and unique hops. Nelson Sauvin hops provide nuances of white grapes, gooseberry and floral notes to our favorite Hefeweizen.


5.0% ABV | 35.0 IBU

Pale Ale - American


7.7% ABV | 25.0 IBU

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Dionysus is the base saison that was the PRO/AM collaboration between Keith Belshaw and Thomas Bleigh. This version is unblended (unlike the Bacchanalia) and showcases the unique character of the Saison yeast that was used during fermentation. Try it next to the Bacchanalia to see how the Pinot barrel-aging creates complex flavors.

Brrr Seasonal Ale

7.2% ABV | 50.0 IBU

Winter Ale


Bleed Orange & Black

7.2% ABV | 65.0 IBU

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Bleed Orange & Black is our collaboration with the Oregon State Beavers football team. This Black IPA (also known as a Cascadian Dark Ale) has roasty chocolate notes from the dark roasted malts, complimented with orange citrus zestiness.

Dark Perspective

5.0% ABV | 35.0 IBU


What you have here is a traditional Schwarzbier. A recipe from brewer Dan Munch, this beer is well balanced and clean. Rich malt character from a generous addition of Munich malt provides a smooth base to support a light roasty character. Nearly black in color w/ tinges of red, this beer is surprisingly easy drinking. Full flavored without being overwhelming, Dark Perspective is perfectly balanced. Prost!

Russell Street IPA

6.3% ABV | 70.0 IBU

IPA - American

Russell Street IPA is the epitome of a West Coast IPA: intense hop flavor and sessionability balanced with a noticeable body. Named for the street that Widmer Brothers calls home, Russell Street IPA is powered by Mosaic, Citra, and Azacca hops for a pronounced citrus and tropical profile.

This And That - Civet Coffee

8.2% ABV | 70.0 IBU

Winter Warmer

We took our This and That Winter Warmer - a malty and full bodied ale perfect for a January evening in Portland - and added kopi luwak, aka the most expensive coffee in the world, to enhance the flavor profile. Kopi luwak, also known as civet coffee, is produced from coffee beans which have been digested by an Indonesian cat-like animal called the Palm Civet, before being roasted like a traditional coffee bean.

Catering & Banquets

PLEASE NOTE: All banquet events and reservations are still active! 

Housed on the second floor of our historic building, the Widmer Brothers banquet facility offers the best of the Northwest. Views of the Fremont Bridge, Downtown, and the West Hills of Portland complement the rooms’ rich colors and crafted woodwork, much of which has been restored to its original beauty.

Whether you are planning a corporate meeting or event, rehearsal dinner, birthday gathering, holiday party, or other special occasion, our banquet rooms are sure to exceed your expectations.

Our unique menu, which complements our award winning beers, includes appetizer selections, buffet platters, and plated options.

Provide a memorable experience for your guests by hosting a Personalized Brewer's Dinner or include a private tour of our state of the art brewing facility.



East Wing

Size: 661 sq. feet
Buffet or Plated Banquet: 20-30 guests
Reception: 10-35 guests

West Wing

Size: 748 sq. feet
Buffet or Plated Banquet: 30-40 guests
Reception: 30-49 guests

Great Room

Size: 1409 sq. feet
Buffet or Plated Banquet: 40-85 guests
Reception: 48-96 guests

The Widmer Brothers Beer Garden

Widmer Brothers Beer Garden, adjacent to the historic pub on North Russell Street, will be open throughout the summer. Patrons can enjoy sun and some of Widmer Brothers’ finest small batch beers brewed across the street at their innovation brewery, an eclectic mix of Portland food carts, games, and live music on special occasions. 

For updates about live music and rotating food carts, follow Widmer Brothers on Twitter or Facebook


Hours Of Operation


(Weather Permitting)

955 N Russell St.
Portland, OR 97227

*Pet- and Kid-Friendly

Pub Snacks and Daily Specials

Tortilla chips with choice of salsa - $4

Beer Cheese soup - $5 (bowl)

Brrr Chili - $7 (bowl)

Roasted garlic hummus with tortilla chips - $5

Roasted red pepper hummus with tortilla chips - $6

Garlic dill cheese curds - $5

Charcuterie Cone - $8

Castelverano olives - $

Daily Specials

Service Industry Sunday
  • $3 pints when you show your valid OLCC Service Permit
Micro Monday
  • Get any 6 pack to go for $6
Brewsday Tuesday Crowler Deals
  • Core and Small Batch crowler fills for $8
Happy Hour Humpday
  • Happy Hour pricing all day long
Thirsty Thursday
  • Get $3 pints all day long
First Friday Firkin
  • A special firkin tapping the first Friday of every month
Sampler Tray Saturday
  • Pre-set sampler trays for $10, or build your own tray for $12