The Widmer Brothers Pub

The Widmer Brothers Pub has been serving guests in North Portland since 1996. We offer a seasonal food menu featuring fresh and local ingredients from Portland-area partnerships. With the main brewery across the street and our 10-barrel innovation system next door, the pub is where we showcase our love for crafting delicious beer. Over half of our 24 taps feature small batch brews from the adjacent innovation brewery, so there’s always something new to try. Perch at the bar with a flight or grab a growler or Crowler of your favorite beer to go.

Hours Of Operation


955 N Russell St.
Portland, OR 97227


V - Vegetarian

GF - Gluten Free

Please Note: Although these items do not contain gluten they are prepared in a kitchen that produces items containing gluten, so cross-contact may occur.

Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

We will make all available efforts to accommodate food allergies.  Please notify your server.

Tap List

Barrel Aged Brrrbon (2015)

11.8% ABV | 45.0 IBU

Winter Warmer

Brrr'bon is our delicious winter seasonal Brrr placed in a single use Bourbon
Barrel with a fresh charge of live yeast for secondary fermentation. Then we forgot about them and let them age for 13 months. What has resulted is a beer
with deep, rich flavor. PROST!

Old Embalmer (2012)

10.2% ABV | 75.0 IBU

Barleywine - American

First brewed in 1999, Old Embalmer Barleywine Ale is great upon release, but true to it's name, will have a perfect place in your cellar. Brewed with copiouz amounts of malts, this years version features Bravo hops thay lend earthy & floral qualities for a brilliant balance and velvety finish.

Hop Tub IPA (Dry Hopped Version)

6.0% ABV | 55.0 IBU

IPA - American

A Mosaic dry hopped version of our Hop Tub IPA. Hop Tub IPA is a simple SMASH IPA exploring the contribution of variety specific CO2 hop extract. The first in this series features Mosaic hops. Two versions were made. This one with 100% CO2 Hop Extract derived, and the next one with 50/50 mix of CO2 Hop Extract and T-90 Pellets. All of which are Mosaic. Which will you like best?!

Hop Tub IPA

5.1% ABV | 43.0 IBU

IPA - American

Hop Tub IPA is a simple SMASH IPA exploring the contribution of variety specific CO2 hop extract. The first in this series features Mosaic hops. Two versions were made. This one with 100% CO2 Hop Extract derived, and the next one with 50/50 mix of CO2 Hop Extract and T-90 Pellets. All of which are Mosaic. Which will you like best?!

Swabian Wheat

5.6% ABV | 42.0 IBU

Specialty Grain

Swabian Wheat is a collaboration with Vasilios Gletsos of Wanderkammer in VT. The beer is our take on a historical beer that was at least 50% spelt (dinkel).
Our use of mixed yeasts consisting of French Saison and Citrus yeast provides a
somewhat rustic and farmhouse interpretation to this forgotten style.

Mango Built For Two

2.7% ABV | 0.0 IBU

Shandy / Radler

A light and refreshing Mosaic Pale Ale was mashed up with mango soda to bring you twice the mango flavor! Get on this tandem with flavors of black tea and mango and ride it to refreshing town!

Hefe X (Vics Secret)

4.9% ABV | 72.0 IBU

Pale Wheat Ale - American

Hefeweizen is an unfiltered American style Hefeweizen (wheat and yeast ale) that is purposefully very cloudy in appearance due to live yeast in suspension. Wheat and biscuit aromas and flavors provide the backbone to the golden beer, and they are augmented by yeast and hop derived citrus and faintly spicy attributes. Hefe X is a FV hopped version focusing on a single hop varietal to highlight the inclusion of specific and unique hops.

Hefe X - Ekuanot

4.9% ABV | 50.0 IBU

Hoppy American Style Hefeweizen

Our Gold Medal winning Hefeweizen hopped with Ekuanot hops. These new hops add a big, bold citrus and herbal aroma to our classic Hefe.

No Lederhosen

4.7% ABV | 28.0 IBU


“What is a Rhenish Pale?” you may ask. It is a crisp and delicate, easy drinking ale made in the Rhine valley of North-Central Germany, a region vastly different from the farmlands of Bavaria where the lederhosen is king. No Lederhosen! has aromas of herbal spiciness and lemon zest complimented by flavors of fresh baked bread. A special yeast was used and fermented at lower than normal temperatures giving No Lederhosen! a clean, distinctively delicate finish. Prost!

Garde of the Garden

6.5% ABV | 25.0 IBU

Bière de Garde

Biere de Garde ("Beer for Keeping") is a French style of strong farmhouse ale, typically brewed in the winter and spring to avoid issues with yeast in the summertime. The funky and fruity esters in the beer come from the yeast strain used in fermentation, and give the brew a traditional farmhouse ale character.

It's A Thing #1

7.1% ABV | 65.0 IBU

IPA - New England

It’s a Thing (Thing 1 & Thing 2) IPA is a marriage of the IPA styles that are currently dominating their respective coasts. With the big tropical hop flavors coming from the New England IPA and the dry and aggressive bitterness that we love here on the West Coast.

Russell Street IPA

6.1% ABV | 64.0 IBU

IPA - American

Russell St. is the epitome of a West Coast IPA: big citrusy hop flavor and sessionability despite its big beer body. Made exclusively for the Widmer Brothers Pub and named for the street which Widmer Brothers calls home, Russell St. starts off with a pleasant bitterness that melts into a smooth, malty backbone. The aroma is powered by fan favorite hops like Mosaic and Citra, as well as by new-kids-on-the-block, Calypso and Azacca. These hops provide a plethora of citrus and tropical fruit notes complemented by some subtle herbal spiciness.

Ha-Ha Organic

4.6% ABV | 22.0 IBU


Smash brewing is an excellent way to learn about the flavors various malts and hops impart on a beer. This kolsch is done exclusively with Nelson hops giving it unique strong fruit and white wine aroma characteristics.

Red, Pints & Blue IPA

6.6% ABV | 55.0 IBU

IPA - American

Enjoy the 4th of July with an ‘Merican IPA complete with its own fireworks display! We’ve added celebratory glitter to this beer to showcase our patriotic appreciation of all thing that are great and H-UU-G-E! The beer is built on a simple malt platform of Pilsner malt and flaked rice to highlight the hop character of Idaho 7 Hop Hash and Vic’s Secret.

Ser Jalbanheim

5.9% ABV | 12.0 IBU

Blonde Ale

We've all heard of dry hopping beers in this town, so we decided to change it up a bit. We started with a blend of pilsener and wheat malts to give us a mildly sweet Blonde Ale, then we introduced two rounds of "Dry Peppering" with a combo of Serrano, Jalapeno, Habanero & Anaheim. The result is a bright, crisp, easy drinking ale with a fresh pepper nose, smooth malt and a kiss of heat to remind you of its special ingredients.

O'Ryely IPA

6.4% ABV | 50.0 IBU


O’Ryely IPA is a Rye style-IPA used imported hops from New Zealand and Australia. The hops used were called Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy. It is felt that the essential oils from the Nelson hops are similar to that of fresh crushed gooseberries a descriptor often used for the grape variety Sauvignon Blanc. The Galaxy hops also have a ton of “Dark fruit flavors and aromas.” This truly unique dual-purpose variety can be used to produce big punchy Ales as well as subtle yet bitter Lagers. We used 3 types Rye to compliment the spicy and fruitiness of these exotic hops. The play between the two gives this beer a refreshing crisp full flavor profile.

Hefe Berry Lime

4.1% ABV | 16.0 IBU


Hefe Berry Lime gives the original American hefeweizen a fresh berry citrus twist. Hefe Berry Lime combines Oregon marionberries, blackberries, and lime for a tart and refreshing experience.

Alt Bier

5.0% ABV | 40.0 IBU


The first beer ever brewed by Widmer Brothers. Alt beer is a traditional German ale. Alt is an assertively bitter beer with a clean, dry roasted finish and a deep amber hue. The potent hop bitterness is balanced by the flavor of the Munich and Caramel specialty malts.


4.9% ABV | 30.0 IBU


* 2017 GOLD MEDAL WINNER - Oregon Beer Awards! *
Meet the beer that started it all. Our naturally cloudy flagship brew starts with the highest quality wheat. It's bold, clean flavor and pronounced citrus and floral aromas are what define American-style Hefeweizen. So pour yourself a cool, cloudy glass, finish with a lemon and enjoy the original.

Drop Top Amber

5.5% ABV | 20.0 IBU

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

Drop Top is a rich, flavorful Amber Ale, with an exceptionally smooth and easy taste. Uniquely brewed with honey malt and just a touch of milk sugar, Drop Top's silky character yields complex flavors without a trace of harshness. It all adds up to a brew that's as easy to appreciate as it is to drink.

PDX Pils

4.8% ABV | 34.0 IBU

Pilsner - German

**Gold at 2016 Oregon Beer Awards**
PDX Pils is a Northern German style pilsner brewed in the northern part of Portland. Because we live in arms reach of the hop farms of the Pacific Northwest, we dry hop our Pils with Columbia hops. Graham cracker, lemon zest, and mild hop spice complement the bitterness making PDX Pils crisp & refreshing.

Steel Bridge Porter

5.6% ABV | 48.0 IBU

Porter - American

*OBC Collaborator Series*
Steel Bridge Porter wears a beautiful dark robe with a creamy coffee-colored head. The mocha flavors are rich and seductive, yet dry and drinkable. All the malt going on does not hide the hops, which are well-integrated into the overall brew.

Upheaval IPA

7.0% ABV | 85.0 IBU

IPA - American

Upheaval IPA is the result of our brewers’ relentless pursuit of the perfect IPA. With more than two pounds of hops per barrel, Upheaval IPA unleashes a huge hop flavor and aroma with serious bitterness and balanced finish. Brewed with wheat, the result is a hazy, bold IPA that’s Unfiltered. Unexpected. Unapologetic. Uncompromised.

Make A Reservation

Have a large party? The Widmer Brothers Pub has plenty of room for your next get together. We’ll even save you seats. We accept reservations for parties of 5 or more. Call us at 503-281-3333.

Learn more about how to book a brewery tour and make a reservation today!

Catering & Banquets

Housed on the second floor of our historic building, the Widmer Brothers banquet facility offers the best of the Northwest. Views of the Fremont Bridge, Downtown, and the West Hills of Portland complement the rooms’ rich colors and crafted woodwork, much of which has been restored to its original beauty.

Whether you are planning a corporate meeting or event, rehearsal dinner, birthday gathering, holiday party, or other special occasion, our banquet rooms are sure to exceed your expectations.

Our unique menu, which complements our award winning beers, includes appetizer selections, buffet platters, and plated options.

Provide a memorable experience for your guests by hosting a Personalized Brewer's Dinner or include a private tour of our state of the art brewing facility.



East Wing

Size: 661 sq. feet
Buffet or Plated Banquet: 20-30 guests
Reception: 10-35 guests

West Wing

Size: 748 sq. feet
Buffet or Plated Banquet: 30-40 guests
Reception: 30-49 guests

Great Room

Size: 1409 sq. feet
Buffet or Plated Banquet: 40-85 guests
Reception: 48-96 guests

The Widmer Brothers Beer Garden

Widmer Brothers Beer Garden, adjacent to the historic pub on North Russell Street, will be open throughout the summer. Patrons can enjoy sun and some of Widmer Brothers’ finest small batch beers brewed across the street at their innovation brewery, an eclectic mix of Portland food carts, games, and live music on special occasions. 

For updates about live music and rotating food carts, follow Widmer Brothers on Twitter or Facebook

Hours Of Operation


955 N Russell St.
Portland, OR 97227

*Pet- and Kid-Friendly